Introducing wordParse

Update 2014-06-25:  wordParse 1.3 is out.  Changes include removal of punctuation at end of words and sorting/unique of dictionary file.

After a little bit of work, I am happy to announce my latest project (and first to host on GitHub): wordParse

wordParse will let you read in a file, pull out all words of a specific length, and create a dictionary file that can be used for any number of purposes.

Future versions will contain the removing of punctuation at the end of a word, searching for words that start with a string, and more.  I also plan on adding support with another project called Scraper, which has not been released yet.

To use wordParse, just use the command:

python -f <filename> -c <character_count>

Your dictionary file will be named <character_count>chars_<filename> in the same directory you run from.  For this version, you must run from the same folder your file is located in.  I may change that in a future release.

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