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You down with SOE?... Yeah you know me!

Every engagement I perform I have a standard set of tools I use. Many of these tools are included in popular Penetration Testing Linux Distros, such as Kali Linux, but as I have been testing longer, I find that many of the tools I do not need. I have also found issue with Kali's stability between builds and tools always working. A few months ago I decided to start rolling my own distro, and this is what has become of it.

To start, I am using a xUbuntu 18.04 base image. This lets me use most of the tools I regularly use without much setup, and is the distribution I am most comfortable with using. I simply install the base xUbuntu image in a new VM and setup the primary account and change the root password. I then place my SSH public key in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the xUbuntu image, install SSH, and set SSH to start on boot by issuing the command sudo systemctl enable ssh. At this point I test to make sure SSH is working, then I shut down the VM, and create a OVA file.


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